About Us

Mrs. Miriam Kra is a seasoned Medical Case Manager who has revolutionized care for geriatric and special needs people living in Israel.  Her list of clients has ranged from the independent elderly to adult children with psychiatric and physical disabilities to Holocaust survivors as and even other medical professionals now in need of Case Management.  Familiar to staff in Jerusalem’s hospitals and medical establishments, Mrs. Kra and her associates efficiently cut through bureaucratic “red tape” which enhances the quality of care for her clients.  Mrs. Kra’s Case Management plans are specifically custom tailored for each client’s needs with special attention and care to every detail including fiscal management if needed.  Client dignity and autonomy are hallmarks of her reputation as the most coveted Medical Case Manager in Israel.  As Executive Director of the Jerusalem School of Medical Case Management, Mrs. Kra brings with her a team of highly trained staff and students to assist her with her clients.
You may reach Miriam Kra at kramiriams@gmail.com.



Jay Hait is an attorney with over twenty years experience and is admitted in New York State and in Israel.

Jay and all of the attorneys that work in his office focuses on family law related issues .  This means that they help people with divorce and mediation; wills and estates; representing people in guardianship cases; and with the recent change in Israeli law, preparing and executing advanced health care proxies (or durable powers of attorney).  With offices in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Raanana, Haifa, and Binyamina, Jay and his staff focus on helping Anglo Israeli clients to navigate through the complex bureaucracy of the Israeli family law system.  For more information visit Jay’s  website:  www.orcheidin.co.il