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Selling Your Life Insurance Policy
April 12, 2020

One of the hidden financial resources that some people have is a life insurance policy that was acquired either individually or as part of a group benefit from one’s employer or organization.┬áTraditionally, life insurance policies were intended to provide a financial benefit to one’s surviving loved ones after the insured died.┬áCalled a “death benefit”, the

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Quick Fact Sheet on Viatical Settlements and Life Settlements
March 31, 2020

Terms you should know: DB:  Death Benefit FV: Face Value (amount for which the insured is insured upon death) ADB: Accelerated Death Benefit LE: Life Expectancy VS: Viatical Settlement LS: Life Settlement Prm: Premium Ins: Insured Ben: Beneficiary CV: Cash Value CSV: Cash Surrender Value UL: Universal Life KMI: Key Man Insurance WL: Whole Life GLI: Group Life Insurance Term 10,. . . . . 20, 25, 30: Term policy with the number

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